1. Contents Under Pressure


    I rarely use this to just blog. I’m going to just blog now, so you can all just ignore this if it’s not to your liking.

    Warning. Contents under pressure.

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    "Keep anyone with whom you can read in silence."

    Lemony Snicket

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    HOLEEE CRAP. Connor Willumsen is superhuman. -rico



    New, restored 2K digital film transfer, supervised by director David Cronenberg, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
    The “Scanners” Way, a new documentary on the film’s special effects
    New interview with actor Michael Ironside
    The Ephemerol Diaries, a 2012 interview with actor and artist Stephen Lack
    Excerpt from a 1981 interview with Cronenberg on the CBC’s The Bob McLean Show
    Stereo (1969), Cronenberg’s first feature film
    PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by critic Kim Newman

    New cover by Connor Willumsen

    JULY 15th

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  5. "I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. And I am horribly limited."
    — Sylvia Plath (via bookporn)

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    Location of Wawa convenience stores on the east coast

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  7. I can’t stop listening to this album right now

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    “They were all in their early thirties. An age at which it is sometimes hard to admit that what you are living is your life.”
    ― Alice Munro, The Moons of Jupiter

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