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    Théatre du Grand-Guignol (1897-1962) - Vintage Posters

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    Self care 101 

    Okay reblogging this again because this scene literally changed my life

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  3. "Look, there’s some wild, funny weird and silly shit that happens in some of these movies, and it’s okay to laugh. But laugh because it’s funny—don’t laugh because you’re just trying to show how superior you are to the movie. You get no points for laughing at an old movie just because it’s old. You look like an idiot."

    Death to ironic laughter.

    - Quentin Tarantino, From here.

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  5. This is a very good conversation that reflects my really conflicted relationship with Kevin Smith movies. I grew up loving his early films and were a weird gateway into talky indie movies.

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    When worlds collide! We’re loving this Tina Belcher vs The Universe print by thechrishaley​. (Prints are available at Etsy. Shirts, phone cases, and other stuff available at RedBubble.)


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  8. I didn’t even know that James Ellroy was writing a new LA Quartet but I’m so excited now!

    (Even if I can’t think of this guy without hearing Tom Scharpling’s “peeping tom” bit about him”)

  9. Watched tonight.